In this interview, four yes or no employees explain their views on the various areas of activity and why clients rely on the media agency's commitment and expertise.

Question 1: What is special about working at yes or no?

Answer Nina, project management:

"Definitely the team. We all have our specific strengths and different perspectives. Everyone approaches the task differently, provides food for thought, but everything always flows together. This generates the creativity and dynamism that we need to tackle complex issues. We always have the common goal in mind."

Question 2: What are the advantages of yes or no?

Answer Nejla, Editorial Assistant:

"We bring quality to the word and to the point. Reliability is very important to us. We work very conceptually right from the start, research professionally and develop strategies. Communication is content with impact."

Question3: Why do customers rely on yes or no?

Answer Brigitte, Management:

"Because we are honest, clear and committed. Also because we do a lot of planning, quality control and fine-tuning. Other agencies take the easy route and have AI systems create blanket texts. Sure, it may be cheaper at first, but the customer won't find themselves in it in terms of content and style. With machine-generated standard texts, you may be able to amaze in the short term, but you can't build sustainable communication."

Question 4: How can the corporate mission statement be described?

Answer Oliver, copywriter:

"yes or no brings together journalistic standards, public attention and customer interests. So no superficial fair-weather texts, but information with added value for readers, media and companies. We deliver contributions - exactly in the sense of the word."

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