Field report about the Verge TS Pro:

Loaded power

Electric mobility is now also gaining momentum with motorcycles. I was able to convince myself of this during a test ride on the Finnish electric cruiser Verge TS Pro. A design like something out of a science fiction movie and technical refinements do justice to the "electric superbike" touted by the manufacturer. And in addition to the mega-thrust with a torque of up to a massive 1000 Newton meters, the range and charging speed should also be right.

The future and development of electric mobility are my professional and private hobbyhorse. For example, I was on the road with a Tesla as part of a press tour to the North Cape in 2017, eight days of endurance range testing in the middle of winter at up to 40 degrees below zero. Tesla record-breaking driver Hansjörg Freiherr von Gemmingen-Hornberg made a pit stop or press stop at our agency on his 1 millionth electric kilometer. And as far as electric biking is concerned, I've already done a few test laps on the Livewire from Harley-Davidson.

Considerable range, fast charging
So now it's time for a test drive with the Finnish electric motorcycle "Verge TS Pro," an hour and a half of stop-and-go in the city and a bit more speed on the country road. The performance is always accompanied by a pivotal point: the range. With the Verge, up to a whopping 375 kilometers should be possible under ideal conditions. Tomi Keinänen, business developer at Verge, countered my skepticism about the radius with a report from a photo shoot tour through the Dolomites. He and his team covered around 200 kilometers per machine per day. For me, a realistic value about the approximate range in everyday use. The practical test also revealed this: My one-and-a-half-hour test drive demanded about 15 percent of the 20.2 kWh battery's power.

By the way, the battery can be charged quickly, from 0 to 80 percent in less than 40 minutes with a DC fast charge, which is also suitable for Tesla's Supercharger. It can even be charged overnight with a conventional power outlet.

Futuristic design, good performance data
Fans of Akira Tron and Transformers will enjoy the exterior of the machine. Operation is also smart, with all data available via the integrated touchscreen. The absolute eye-catcher and technical highlight is the revolutionary rear wheel, in which the world's first hubless electric rim motor is installed. This not only looks fantastic, but also brings all the power of the machine to the asphalt with a torque of a fulminant 1000 Newton meters. As a result, the Verge accelerates from zero to one hundred in 2.5 seconds and pushes the speedometer needle up to 200 kilometers per hour.

The footrests at the front and rear are also practical, because they allow different seating positions, from relatively comfortable to racy sporty. Despite its 245-kilogram weight, the bike cuts an extremely compact figure - ideal for me as a 1.67-meter woman, but for quite tall riders the bike may seem somewhat underproportioned.

Hardly any maintenance, still elite target group
Despite their power and functions, electric vehicles are puristic and frugal. Without the conventional chains, belts, gears or even gear oils and coolants, the electric bike also makes no demands on maintenance. Should a service nevertheless be required, the Finns are ready within 48 hours.

Those who want to hit the road with their own Verge TS Pro will get it for just over 36,000 EURO. The price of the "electric superbike" is thus also aimed at super earners. So the machine will mainly be bought by solvent technology enthusiasts, design fans and trendsetters - as so often, they could pave the way for broader target groups. If so, the Verge will be a real gamechanger in the world of electromobility.



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