We turn

the world

upside down

It all used to be different. In the center of attention were striking ads, beautiful testimonials (and other deceptions).

But a small agency in southern germany resisted and turned the world upside down. They startet asking two key questions: 'Who is it useful for? And who wants to pay for it?'

From there, a method developed with one main goal: Useful information in the form of simple sentences. 


We make
the world easier

The world is complex and connected. It is a form of art to work out actual, relevant information. 

What helps is the awareness, that every added factor changes the context to be more complex, disproportionately..

Our advantage: We guided many customers in uncountable projects through the universe - and got better at it daily. Now we feel as comfortable in complex topics as the astronaut in his suit.

We plan so you don't have to

Order is a must (ask Brigitte). That's why we make regular, meticulously prepared calls with every customer. Every project is listed with actual state and next steps. The upcoming new information from the call

is added and will be taken into account the cext day. If you have up to 20 projects simultaniously, we need to keep our cool and follow the procedures. So that everybody has the overview.

Project and time management for us is the base for creative work that leads to result - in the scheduled timeframe.


Enjoy your meal!

Our tasty appetizers are structured, simple and understandable short texts.

How we get to them is confidential - give us a call and we'd love to explain it to you.


Consists of: one appetizer

A single appetizer is multifunctional. It can be nearly everything, for example social media post, blog post, base for videos or content for flyer.

Press information

Consists of: two appetizers

In the press release, two morsels of text are processed into an independent text that is tasty for editors.


Consists of: all appetizers

All appetizers are combined in a menu, the report. This text will make your customers hungry for your products or services.

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