Influencer bei yes or no
Influencer at yes or no

We organized the event "Tesla 1 million km" privately, also out of our passion for electric mobility, without any support from Tesla or other companies. We were especially pleased with the feedback of the invited Youtuber. The common interest in the alternative drive and the enthusiasm for the cause

Product placement at events

Although the topic of e-mobility is a matter close to our hearts, we naturally also wanted to be present as an agency. The solution: product placement. Through targeted placement of logos, yes or no now appears on YouTube and in the press.

Data on the battery of the Teslas at 1 million km

Read by Ove Kröger, automotive expert, 1. mileage: 1,000,000 km (621,000 m) 2. battery (the second): 476,000 km 3. engine (the fourth): 700,000 km 4. usable remaining capacity: 61.9 kWh 5. how much was charged in direct current? 21,628 kWh 6. How much was charged in AC? 65,621 kWh 7. What was the typical range? 330 km [...]

10 facts about the e-car

by Dipl.-Ing. Horst Lüning 1. oil and gas are finite resources and cannot be recycled. 96% of the contents of a Li-Ion traction battery, on the other hand, can be recycled. 2. Electricity can be produced and distributed in many ways. Oil and gas must be transported over very long distances. Our electricity infrastructure is complete. Anywhere there is an electric stove, there can be a [...]

Wie alles begann…
How it all began...

... In 2016 our paths crossed at the North Cape. At that time, Yes or no already believed that electromobility had a future and had set the focus on new markets - at that time, no one wanted to believe us. To prove the whole thing to our customers ... we set off for Norway. At - 11 °C, [...]

Auf Hanibals Spuren
On the trail of Hanibal

With 37 elephants, 50,000 soldiers and 9,000 riders, the army commander Hannibal crossed the Alps in 218 BC - in 16 days. The two of us set off in a Ford Mustang GT Fastback with a 5.0l V8 engine and 421 horsepower. To this day, research is still being done into where...

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