Hans Hansjörg Freiherr von Gemmingen-Hornberg cracks the 1.000.000 km with his Tesla Model S at yes or no!


Yes, how did it come about that he just cracked the 1 million at yes or no Media in Stuttgart? We met him in 2017 near the North Cape - in winter at minus 14 degrees (later it should become much colder). He just came back from the North Cape with his Tesla, we were there 2 days later - with a Tesla Model S P100D.


With our ride we wanted to test whether a Tesla is suitable for everyday use - and we did this with a stress test. We sensed that this technology could bring about major changes. After this ride, we knew it would.


The whole thing was not self-serving, we have many customers from the capital goods sector, many are suppliers to the automotive industry (who would be surprised, we are based in Stuttgart). In short: Nobody wanted to believe us. But the connection with Hansjörg remained.


We learned that it would soon reach 1 million kilometers and probably relatively few would report on it. We didn't want that to happen and privately made sure the world knew about it without support from Tesla or other companies. Well-known YouTubers such as Horst Lüning, Ove Kröger, Marcus Mayenschein, national press such as Manager Magazin, Bild, Handelsblatt, dpa ... and many many more were with us or wrote a report, so reported on it.


What do we want to achieve with it? If we know what's coming, we can change, look for new opportunities. Electromobility and autonomous driving also bring new products with them. Here we should sense the near future like sleuths and develop products for it, communicate about it ... yes or no helps.



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