Press Release 03/2018 – New from 1st April, 2018: Front frame clamp FRZ from BESSEY
Simply saves time: Fast, precise cabinet installation
The new front frame clamp FRZ from BESSEY makes it easier to install cabinets with front frames. All work steps required for the installation can be carried out while clamped – without having to remove or reposition the clamp. The work is simple and the result will win you over with its speed and quality.

With the FRZ front frame clamp, BESSEY has combined the different installation steps involved in kitchen wall and base units with an imposed framework into one process. On the one hand, the cabinets can be drawn together and perfectly aligned using the clamp. On the other, it provides support for the installer when pre-drilling holes and putting screws in the exact right position. The clamping device is removed only after all work has been completed. This prevents the cabinets from shifting during installation.

The special design makes it possible for the FRZ front frame clamp to remain on the workpiece for the entire assembly period: The L-clamping jaws enable to clamp both sides to connect the cabinets.

Any mismatch in depth can then be corrected using the adjustable alignment plate. In addition, the new BESSEY clamp is equipped with a swivelling drill bush. It enables precise pre-drilling of the screw connection while clamped. This guarantees precise results in kitchen cabinet installation.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the front frame clamp FRZ from BESSEY is particularly durable: The clamping objects and pressure jaws are made of powder-coated die-cast aluminium. The guide rods, spindles and alignment plates are made of steel. To protect delicate surfaces, self-adhesive felt strips for the clamping jaws and alignment plate are also provided.

The new front frame clamp FRZ from BESSEY has a clamping width of 80 to 120 mm and a throat depth of 30 mm. From 1st April, 2018, it is available for EUR 24.90 (MSRP excl. VAT) from specialist dealers.